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HeroHub is an online platform that connects individuals with charities and non-profit organizations, as well as their opportunities, such as charity events, volunteering, and the new or gently-used items which they accept for donation.

Founded 2017, Chip McCrimmon, Marina Radovanovic, and Sundar Manku

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HeroHub | Innovate Niagara

How Has Innovate Niagara and Biolinc Helped You?

The HeroHub team has received invaluable 1v1 mentorship over the time that we have worked with Innovate Niagara and BioLinc. Additionally, we have expanded and developed our business acumen through the various workshops hosted by Innovate Niagara and MaRS.

HeroHub would not be where it is without the help and support that has been provided over the years.

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How to Become a Client

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