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Privacy Policy

All personal information provided to us shall be treated in a confidential manner. We will not release your sensitive personal information to any third party without your express authorization. We do not sell our contact lists or related information to any third party. Innovate Niagara shall notify you in the event it becomes aware of any breach of security or privacy.

By providing information through our website you consent to Innovate Niagara using your information for its own internal record-keeping and business related purposes.

In the event that you provide any third party information that is or appears to be inaccurate or compromised you consent to Innovate Niagara contacting the third party to satisfy itself of its ability to rely upon said information.

Please be advised that while Innovate Niagara endeavors to maintain a secure website information provided over the internet may be intercepted or misdirected. You acknowledge that Innovate Niagara is not responsible or liable in any way for such eventuality or damages as may arise therefrom.

We shall periodically provide you with information about special events or services unless you contact us asking us to refrain from providing such information.

We reserve the right to amend these privacy policies as and when required. If you have any concerns with respect to our privacy policies or the management of your personal information we invite you to contact us through the contact page.

How to Become a Client

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