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The Southridge Jam Company

The Southridge Jam Company serves as a next-step opportunity for individuals who have experienced homelessness, a program where folks can gain some job and workplace soft skills by working in the jam kitchen.

Founded 2015, Tim Arnold, Cam Block and Brendon Nicholson (Southridge Shelter)

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Southridge Jam Company | Innovate Niagara

How Has Innovate Niagara Helped You?

Innovate Niagara has been key to our growth as a company this year. We first connected by participating in a few workshops (Storytelling, Business Finance, Learn@Lunch) and then official signed on as clients in 2018.

Meeting with Chris and having his guidance in sorting out some of our financial systems was instrumental in the progress we were able to achieve this year. His suggestion that we participate in the Social Enterprise Pitch Competition also paid off when we earned both prizes, totaling $3000! We will look forward to assembling a marketing plan and testing which avenues are the most beneficial in the new year.

A Little More About Us

The Southridge Jam Company is the social enterprise extension of the Southridge Shelter in St. Catharines, ON. The products they make are then sold and all of the profits are reinvested in the Shelter. All of our fruit is sourced locally and the jam is made fresh in Vineland.

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