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Innovation Insights: The Future of AI and Analytics-Driven Innovations

How are you managing your data? At Analytics we think about this question a lot. Because to us, this isn’t just a question about hardware – it’s also a question about who is managing the data.

We know that the hardware and software to run AI has advanced to the point where great systems are being launched to solve big problems – but where we often fall down is in presenting good, clean data into AI systems. And even when we get clean data right, we find that the machines can be horribly biased, many times generating inaccurate observations that can get our customers into trouble.

That’s why we believe the future of AI and Analytics-driven innovations will be defined by the “thinkers” as much as the “coders."

Our emphasis on both sides of the data equation—the technical skills and analytical lens needed to manage data—is why we’ve launched a special training program at The Robot Training Academy.

The Robot Training Academy (RTA)

The Robot Training Academy is a new micro-credential and training program for any high school, undergraduate, or graduate student with an interest in data and AI. The program is designed to help students learn both the technical skills and analytical skills required to interpret data and fine-tune (or "train") our AI systems.

Any student can enroll in the program, and we currently have institutional partnerships with DSBN, Brock University, and SUNY Buffalo State College.

The RTA emphasizes experiential learning, so students will get hands-on experience training robots (AI) -- because machines, no matter how fast, are limited. They need the help of a human eye (and brain). The hands-on curriculum is a great opportunity for those interested in data analytics and AI to see what working in the field is actually like. Students will also connect with experts and work on projects addressing real business needs.

Why is this important now?

The COVID-19 pandemic and 2020 have transformed how we work. As the world becomes more and more reliant on data and AI, it's essential that we cultivate best practices for technology, processes, and delivery systems

In other words, we need “thinkers” now more than ever.

While not everyone will become a coder, organizations will need people who are familiar with—and can take advantage of—data to solve business problems from either a technical or non-technical lens. We’re looking forward to working with the next generation of data citizens and enthusiasts to cultivate these best practices.

Interested in participating in the RTA program? The program runs from July 5th to August 13th and is entirely remote – students just need a computer and internet connection to participate.

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This article originally appeared in Business Link Niagara.

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