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Brand Positioning and Why it Matters for Your Business

Brand Positioning and Why it Matters for your Business

Positioning is like the heart of your brand strategy. It's about figuring out where you fit, who you're serving, and what makes you different. This helps your brand stand out in the minds of employees, stakeholders, and customers.

Imagine your brand as an item on a shelf in the brain warehouse, where people store millions of ideas. Positioning is about making sure your brand jumps out before others. In a crowded category with similar-looking brands, positioning helps customers find you.

The Brand Positioning Statement

Positioning comes from basic strategy principles. It's about standing out from competitors and managing how people perceive your brand. This involves identifying your unique value and shaping communication and customer experience.

A brand positioning statement is a one-sentence model that captures key elements of your brand strategy. It includes what you are, your category, target customer, what needs your brand satisfies, and why people should believe in it.

This statement, though not fancy, conveys the brand's key elements and guides messaging and customer experience design.

Someone finding their brand positioning

Putting People First

Positioning was first discussed in the 20th century, focusing on products. Now, it's about starting with the customer. Brands need to consider human realities, not just marketing fantasies or copying competitors. Brands that prioritize fitting into people's lives and culture stand out in a market full of similar products.

Discover Your Brand's Position!

Uncover the beating heart of your brand strategy by walking through a simple exercise. Visit our partner MaRS here to find out how you can define where your brand fits, who it serves, and what makes it stand out. Don't miss this opportunity to craft a powerful brand positioning statement. Click to explore and start shaping your brand's unique place in the market!

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