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COMPLY & PROTECT: Strategically Safeguarding Your Business Expansion

Event Information

COMPLY & PROTECT: Strategically Safeguarding Your Business Expansion

April 23, 2024, from 10 AM to 11 AM EST (60 minutes)

Businesses globally are increasingly prioritizing cybersecurity compliance due to the escalating threat of cybercrime, leading to significant data breaches and disruptions. Whether you are starting up, scaling or a thriving business, cybersecurity and compliance is no longer a luxury; it is vital to business growth.

What you will learn:
  • The significance of cybersecurity and compliance in the startup phase and during business expansion.
  • How to simplify the compliance journey through a comprehensive roadmap, ensuring both business security and adherence to industry compliance standards.
  • The importance of a multifaceted security and compliance approach, emphasizing the concept of layering for enhanced protection.
Oppos Inc. is a Canadian-based leading Cybersecurity & Compliance Solutions provider with over 60 years of experience servicing more than 200 companies globally.

ImageOppos enables you to set up, maintain, and right-size your security and compliance needs without hiring staff. We scale to your needs with industry experience, technology, compliance, and security experts.


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