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Cacao Systems

Cacao Systems is a team of experts in AI who create smart systems to solve problems and boost revenue, focusing on seamless integration and quick, cost-effective experimentation.

Founded by Kexin Ji

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Who is Cacao Systems?

Cacao Systems is a team of Applied Researchers and Software Engineers dedicated to creating intelligent systems that solve problems and generate revenue. They start by understanding your challenges and opportunities, then work together to design solutions tailored to your success. Their expertise spans from AI theory to production practices, ensuring they can assess the readiness and utility of AI for your specific needs.

Cacao Systems believes that AI adds value when people, processes, systems, and data are in harmony. Their focus is on delivering elegant experiences for your team and seamless integrations with your existing ecosystem. Specializing in rapid prototyping and accelerated experimentation, Cacao Systems allows you to answer critical questions about feasibility and value at a fraction of the cost.

Take a look at Papyri from Cacao Systems, their newest generative AI innovation. Unlike traditional methods, Papyri comprehends visual language by understanding relationships between tables, figures, footers, and more. This unlocks deeper document understanding and accuracy.

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How to Become a Client

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