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Comet Venture Technologies Inc. leads in integrating computer vision and automation to elevate business processes, offering innovative solutions like the Vaato UCaaS platform and the Ultimate World open-source metaverse platform.

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Who is Comet Venture?

Innovate Niagara proudly presents Comet Venture Technologies Inc., a leader in integrating computer vision and automation to elevate business processes. Comet Venture Technologies Inc. offers cutting-edge solutions designed to redefine industry standards:

  1. Vaato: Vaato stands as their premier UCaaS (Unified Communication as a Service) platform, revolutionizing generative AI communication. It provides context-based capabilities tailored for sectors like education and HR. In education, Vaato enhances engagement and personalizes learning experiences. Meanwhile, in HR, it optimizes recruitment processes, ensuring efficiency and equity.
  2. Ultimate World: Ultimate World is an innovative open-source platform empowering architects, 3D designers, and developers to craft and customize their own segments of the metaverse. Powered by our Blenderverse tool, based on Blender open-source software, it enables the creation of immersive experiences that transcend conventional digital boundaries, fostering boundless creativity in virtual space design.

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