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Destiny Copper

Destiny Copper revolutionizes the copper production industry with a groundbreaking chemical ion exchange hydrometallurgical process, producing high-grade copper sustainably and cost-effectively while revitalizing rural communities.

Founded in 2013 by Greg Hanna

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Who is Destiny Copper?

Innovate Niagara proudly highlights Destiny Copper, a pioneering force in the copper production industry. Unlike traditional methods such as Smelting and SX-EW that rely heavily on electricity and infrastructure, Destiny Copper employs a revolutionary chemical ion exchange hydrometallurgical process. This innovation not only minimizes greenhouse gas emissions and environmental disruption but also allows Destiny Copper to focus on extracting high-grade copper oxide and tailings in rural communities.

By leveraging their clean-tech approach, Destiny Copper is revitalizing old mining towns by creating new employment opportunities. Their process significantly reduces energy consumption compared to industry norms, enabling them to produce copper metal at less than 50% of the LME copper price. This remarkable cost efficiency makes Destiny Copper highly competitive while setting a new standard for sustainable mining practices.

Check out Destiny Copper's client spotlight video to learn more about their innovative clean-tech approach to copper production. Discover how they're revitalizing old mining towns while reducing environmental impact and creating new job opportunities.

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