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Merq Inc.

Merq Inc. is a pioneering leader in laboratory automation, offering innovative solutions tailored for food and environmental labs, combining cutting-edge technologies like robotics and computer vision with comprehensive design and fabrication capabilities.

Founded in 2013 by Farouk Saleh

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Who is Merq Inc.?

Innovate Niagara is proud to highlight our client, Merq Inc., a leader in Laboratory Automation, Consulting, Custom Design & Fabrication. Merq Inc. specializes in laboratory automation with managed data and traceability, focusing on food and environmental labs. Their solutions include robotics, precision dispensers, sample handling, biohazardous sterilization, and traditional lab equipment like tumblers and dispensers.

Merq Inc. is also at the forefront of developing end-to-end automation using automated guided vehicles (AGV), computer vision, and cloud computing. They offer a wide range of services, from evaluating the feasibility of lab automation to designing world-class laboratories and process floor plans. With comprehensive in-house design and fabrication capabilities, Merq Inc. brings concepts to life, no matter the size.

Merq Inc. combines innovation and creativity to deliver exceptional results tailored to meet your unique needs, ensuring efficient and cutting-edge laboratory solutions.

Check out Merq Inc.'s latest innovation, the Supernova, the world's first automated microbiology pre-incubation and media preparation system. Watch the video to see how this fully automated system revolutionizes laboratory workflows from sample reception to incubation.

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